When the Climate Doesn’t Cooperate, Winemakers Innovate

Domaine Bousquet Alavida Organic Malbec 2022

Domaine Bousquet cranks out more certified organic wine than any other winery in Argentina. Some of their lines are certified biodynamic, and the entire operation is a certified B Corp. In other words, they are fully invested in eco-winegrowing and making.

Combatting hot vintages is par for the course in Argentina. In addition to farming regeneratively, the team has recently stopped tilling to allow “the natural flora in our vineyards to express their full potential,” agronomist Franco Bastias says. “This has created many benefits, the most important of which is the mitigation of higher temperatures during the day. The difference between disturbed and undisturbed soil is 3 degrees Celsius [5.4 degrees Fahrenheit]. It makes a remarkable difference.”