Pierre Chavin is a french wine producer and merchant. DNA and culture are clearly based on differentiation as well as innovation. With a strong position on the export market and active in more than 50 countries throughout the world, Pierre Chavin creates and produces wines responding and anticipating consumers’ taste and global trends.

¨Dare to be different ! We understand how to combine centuries of tradition with an elegant and modern approach..¨

ÔPIA® is the first range of drinks without alcohol or fermentation, resulting from organic farming, offering a unique experience combining elegance and “Made in France”.

ÔPIA® represents the union of two personified bodies evoking the Earth and the Sky. The intertwining of these two complementary elements symbolises the life cycle: the wine takes its roots and draws strength from the soil of the nourishing Earth and its branches rise up towards the Sky thereby representing the union of these two elements.