Time for a Detox?

The holidays have come and gone and most of us have done our fair share of celebrating and imbibing. If your body is begging you for a detox but the arrival of the weekend tempts you to sip on something jovial, we’ve compiled a list of enjoyable non-alcoholic alternatives to savor without risking any of those pesky hangovers.

(Note: FDA guidelines state that products can be considered non-alcoholic with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume so while these follow suit, read the fine print before consuming.) 



A sparkling chardonnay hailing from California, this zero-alcohol wine is crisp, refreshing, and perfect for any celebration. semblance.com


Domaine Pierre Chavin debuts a sparkling chardonnay alongside its signature chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and rose wines. Plus the French producer is certified organic. opia-organic.com


These New Zealand wines are made in the same way as Estate wines with the alcohol removed after fermentation. They boast no added sugars and about 19-27 calories per 5 oz. pour. giesen.co.nz

De Soi

Co-founded by songstress Katy Perry, the non-alcoholic apéritifs are made with natural ingredients and botanicals like maca, mushroom and tulsi. There are three options depending on your palate from citrus to vanilla and they come in bottles or cans. drinkdesoi.com


No & Low

No & Low

Whether you’re looking for nearly no alcohol or completely zero, this brand carries it all from spirits and wine to canned sips. drinknolow.com

Betty Buzz

Betty Buzz

Another celebrity founded brand, this one by Blake Lively, is serving up non-alcoholic sparkling drinks that can be enjoyed on their own or as mixers. The flavors, all made in the USA, range from Meyer lemon and club soda to the ever-popular ginger beer.  bettybuzz.com

Cut Above

Cut Above

This portfolio of spirits—think gin, mezcal and whiskey—aesthetically look like ordinary cocktails but upon further examination they are zero proof. The brand’s goal is to replicate the nose, flavor and finish of these beloved spirits so that customers can enjoy them without any sacrifice. drinkcutabove.com

La Planta

La Planta

Love tequila but looking for an alternative? These experienced mixologists have spent years perfecting this premium sip that delivers all the agave flavor without the alcohol. philandgoode.com




Non-alcoholic and craft beer don’t usually go hand in hand, but they do here. For beer lovers who for whatever reason are looking to cut back on the alcohol consumption, this pioneering brand’s styles from hazy IPA to oatmeal dark allow for a carefree beer fest. bravus.com

Partake Brewing

Similarly, this Canadian brand has created beers that look and taste like beer but with less than .5% ABV. It has a wide selection including IPA, blonde, dark and a few fruit-forward sips like cherry, mango and peach. drinkpartake.com

Subscription Box

Raising the Bar

This monthly box arrives right to your door with all the ingredients you need to make seasonal alcohol-free cocktails. weareraisingthebar.com 

Curious Elixirs

Curious No. 1 from Curious Elixirs

Receive a rotating selection of these 100% alcohol-free elixirs with this monthly subscription. Drinks are inspired by your favorite sips like negroni, spritz and even champagne. curiouselixirs.com

Honorable Mentions

Parch – if you like tequila, check this brand out, which derives its drinks from Mexican blue weber agave. drinkparch.com

Karvivia’s Unwined – inspired by malbec, this wine alternative touts several health benefits thanks to the superfoods inside and it contains no added sugar. karviva.com/unwined