Raising A Glass to Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet

When the Bousquet family arrived in Argentina from their native France, they saw the opportunity to create something unique, rather unheard of at the time, to create a world-class winery using organic fruit. They found the ideal location in the foothills of the Andes Mountains outside of Mendoza in the high elevations of Tupangato in Uco Valley. Here they developed Domaine Bousquet.

Uco Valley, Argentina


Farming organically requires effort. A vigneron cannot lean on pesticides, fungicides, or any type of chemical if the vineyard is attacked by a pest. Instead, they must rely on natural products, focusing on the health of the land, which in the long run creates strong, healthy fruit, producing quality wines. When the first bottles of wine were exported from the country in 2005, the winery was certified organic. Since then, they have become Demeter biodynamic certified, the first winery in Argentina to be Regenerative Organic Certified, a Certified B Corp, and so much more. In addition to the winery’s sustainability focus, Domaine Bousquet crafts millions of liters of wine at very affordable prices. It is a testament to their vision that high-quality wine can be produced affordably, all while keeping Mother Earth in mind.

Within the millions of liters of wine, Domaine Bousquet offers a variety of tiers, including their premium, easily accessible line, a reserve tier, a great tier from hand-selected fruit, Gaia, which honors the goddess of the earth, Ameri, featuring the very best grapes of the estate, and much more, including a new low alcohol, low calorie option called Lo Co.

Creating the USDA Certified Organic, vegan, LOCA Chardonnay took several tries. The wine has 75 calories per 5-ounce pour with a low alcohol of 9%. Initial attempts were made by fermenting fully ripened fruit and then removing the alcohol. But the flavor in that attempt did not please winemaker Rodrigo Serrano, so he kept working. Eventually, the team found picking fruit earlier was the better option, ensuring the alcohol was low while keeping the fruity freshness of the grapes intact.

Domaine Bousquet Sparkling Brut Rose is crafted in the Charmat method to maintain the freshness and fruit-forward character of organically grown Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Though Argentina can be very warm during summer days, evening temperatures drop considerably, allowing cool-climate varieties like Pinot and Chard to thrive in high-elevation vineyards. The refreshing sparkler is juicy and crisp, layering wild berry, cherry, and orange blossom.

Domaine Bousquet Premium Cabernet Sauvignon is lush, fresh, and straightforward. A beautiful representation of South American Cabernet Sauvignon, with dark fruits, subtle spice, and a touch of graphite and tobacco. The medium-bodied wine has a nice mix of tannin and acidity, ensuring the wine is in balance and ready to pair with beef empanadas and charcuterie.




Domaine Bousquet Gaia Malbec Nouveau is made by using carbonic maceration, placing whole bunches of grapes into the fermentor without adding yeast. The pressure of the layers of fruit weighing on top of the fruit presses the juice from the skins while locking in freshness and fruit-forward flavor in the wine. Bing cherry and black plum meld with ripe berries and fresh wildflowers, creating a beautiful, satisfying palate.

Making wine without the addition of sulfites can be considered a risk. Sulfites preserve wine, ensuring a long shelf life, important for wine as consumers often age bottles for decades. However, when the fruit is healthy and strong and of natural high-quality thanks to the use of organic practices, Domaine Bousquet has found that their sulfite-free wines age beautifully. The Virgen Red Blend, made without sulfites, brings organic Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc together to create a bold yet balanced red with character. Layers of ripe plum and cherry mix with black licorice, toasted spice, and purple flowers for an easy-to-enjoy wine.