Mother’s Day Alert! Mom Wants Prosecco Rosé

A well-known fact is that all mothers love two things: Prosecco and Rosé.  A chilled, fruity Prosecco sets the stage for laughter and celebration and a glass of rose harkens the breezy warmth of a new season and sunshine. Happiness is guaranteed when these two wines are poured. So, what if you find a combination of the two styles in one bottle? Suddenly Mom’s favorite day becomes her best ever when you pour her a glass of Prosecco Rosé!

And yes, Prosecco Rosé is now *a thing,* although it’s been around for awhile. As of May 2020, it’s officially a brand-new style of wine thanks to the Prosecco Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) Corsortium that updated the rules for its production. (And if you think Mom had rules, so does the Consortium.)

Prosecco Rose

Valdobbiadene – Photo Credit:

In order for a wine to be deemed Prosecco Rosé, it must come from the Valdobbiadene region in Veneto, Italy. It must also consist of Glera grapes and 10-15% Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero) grapes. The label must state “Millesimato” and be dated with the vintage year from which 85% of the grapes were cultivated. Its amount of Residual Sugar (RS) must be from Brut Nature (no added sugar and under 3 grams/liter) to Extra Dry (between 12 & 17 grams/liter). But that’s not all. The second fermentation in the tank (Martinotti/Charmat Method) must be for a minimum of 60 days and sales are not allowed until the first of January after the harvest. The wine’s color must be more or less an intense color of pink that is “shining” and has a persistent foam. With all the rules, no wonder Mom loves this!

In Italy and the United Kingdom, Prosecco Rosé launched in the fall of 2020 and by mid-December 2020, it was available in the United States. Just in time for Mother’s Day, check out the following three wines (sent as samples) that your mother will love as much as she does you. With each, consider pairing sips with appetizers, salads, light pasta dishes, fresh seafood, cheeses and fruit desserts. Enjoy!

Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry 2019 ($13) is from the Corvezzo family’s winery located in the village of Cessalto near Treviso, between the snow-capped Dolomite Mountains and sunny Adriatic Sea. In the 1970s, the Corvezzo family were one of the first in the region to embrace the concept of sustainability and advanced strategies in the vineyards. Now, all of Corvezzo’s 380 acres are certified fully organic and, measured by the number of acres (not volume), the winery is Italy’s largest “home” of organic Glera and Pinot Grigio. All wines are produced from 100% estate fruit.

The wine is pale pink in color with intensely fresh aromas of flavors including crushed raspberries, strawberries, citrus and acacia flowers. The lingering finish boasts just-right acidity. Brilliant!


prosecco rose
Valdo Marco Oro Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut 2019 ($15.99) is from Valdo, a winery founded in 1926 and purchased by the Bolla Family in 1938. With over 90 years of innovation and search for quality, tradition and respect for the land, Valdo is considered by many “as one of the leading and most trusted Italian wineries specializing in Prosecco and sparkling wines.” Now it’s up to you to taste!


The Prosecco Rosé is of 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Noir cultivated in vineyards of alluvial and clay soils located in the Veneto region. Pretty in pink with plenty of bubbles and aromas and delicate flavors of juicy pears, apples and raspberries, this wine was deliciously memorable.


prosecco rose
Earl Stevens Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry 2019 ($19) is another elegant wine to love and appreciate. You may know Earl Stevens as a platinum selling recording artist and actor from Vallejo California. In the rapper world, his stage name is E-40… and now he’s a wine entrepreneur.


This lush wine boasts aromas of lemon peel, fresh raspberries, juicy white peaches and minerality. Balanced with bright acidity and notes of lemon, stone fruit and chalk, what’s not to love?


prosecco rose

It’s time to drink Prosecco Rosé… and Mom knows it.

Cheers! ~ Cindy