For Teachers, Moms, Friends: Show Appreciation with Organic Corvezzo Prosecco and PortoVino Purses

It’s time to celebrate! After a year of lock downs during the COVID 19 pandemic, now that so many people have one or both vaccines, it feels like the world is starting to open up again. And so  yes it’s time to celebrate and what better than sparkling wine and hugs for hard working moms, teachers, and friends?

Well that MIGHT be a bit over the top but you get my drift.

Last year many of us were afraid to visit our moms in person, so we didn’t get together for Mother’s Day. Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day went by without the typical breakfasts, flowers, and other special events.

This year we are cautiously moving about and celebrating together once again.

Popular Cafe Nouveau near my home has a line going around the block. I get why the restaurants are packed: it’s easier for mom to take her out rather than mom buying everything and then overseeing its production and cleanup.

Personally, I’m still staying home– and we’re going to the beach for a BBQ if the fog goes away. But I did get a chance to celebrate Sue’s birthday a few days ago with Prosecco and a few special cheeses when we got together for our weekly tasting. (Here’s how we carefully celebrated Sue’s birthday last year which also is the same day as Moscato Day, so yes there was Moscato).

If you too are sticking close to home for a while longer, at least you can have a few friends or family members over and exchange presents and toasts over a bottle of bubbles — or two!

For a present for wine loving moms, teachers or friends, I’m enamored by the Portovino Wine Purse which I plan to test out today at the beach as soon as the sun comes out! You can see why: not only is it a cute and stylish shoulder bag with plenty of room to carry your needs, the Swanky version carries 3 liters which you can access through a hole where you can pour the wine hidden in the bag! The Porto Vino comes with a bag to pour in a bottle of wine OR just take a bag of a boxed wine out of the box, open the side zipper and slip it in! On Top of the bag of wine there’s plenty of room for charcuterie and crackers! Learn more and order a Porto Vino Wine Purse here.

Bubbles would best be carried in the bag along with wine or your other favorite beverage — tea? lemonade? The Swankey has plenty of room for several bottles of wine in the career or in the bag. AMAZING. The Portovino also comes in leather and a leather like vegan version.

Stay tuned for adventures beyond my front yard fence with my PortoVino!

If you’re looking for bubbles for your brunch, lunch, or other get together, may we suggest one or both of these Prosecco, in “regular” and “rose”?


Organic Corvezzo Prosecco and pairings


St Andre brie
Herbed brie
D’Affinois brie
Creme fraiche with caviar
Nuts with cranberries

Organic and Vegan Corvezzo Prosecco Wines 

Founded in 1960 in the village of Cessaltonear Treviso in the Veneto between the cool Dolomite Mountains and the sunny Adriatic Sea, family-owned and-run Corvezzo has the most acreage in Italy of organic Glera and Pinot Grigio– 380 acres– which was awarded organic certification in 2017.  Following conversion in the 1970s to more sustainable farming, third-generation owner/winemaker Giovanni Corvezzo began the transition to certified organic when he took over in 2009; he’s found organic farming means thicker grape skins which lead to increased aromas, greater balance, and superior. In 2020 Corvezzo is taking the next step by looking at incorporating biodynamic practices.

There should be more organic Prosecco coming in the future due to the Prosecco DOC and the EU wanting to move more and more in that direction.

Corvezzo Organic Prosecco

Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry
ABV 11.5%
SRP $13
sample for my review consideration
85% Glera, 10% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Bianco

Color: Very vigorous bubbles, very pale yellow,

Aroma: stone fruit, pear, orchid, tuber rose, nice florals of acacia and fruit

Palate: Very lively bubbles, lemon lime, nectarine, occalysis, elderflower, this is not a sweet Prosecco, just fizzy fun.

Pairing: I loved this with the prosciutto on the cheese plate, Sue enjoyed the St Andre cheese with fresh pear on top. Also fantastic with a bit of herbed brie on a baguette topped with prosciutto.

organic rosato Prosecco Corvezzo

2019 Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato
ABV 11.5%
SRP $13
85% Glera with 15%  Pinot Neroat 15%.

To maintain freshness, the wine stays in tank only 60 days

Color: Copper,salmon,  gross bubbles, very fizzy right out of the bottle.

Aroma: Red stone fruit, strawberries, nectarine, roses, carnation, banana taffy, acacia,

Palate: Foamy, essence of cotton candy, and bubble yum bubble gum, Ranier cherry, golden delicious apple, watermelon, citrus.

Pairing: The salt in the caviar balances the sweetness of the wine. A bit of brie and prosciutto also worked well, the cream and the salt work so well together.

A toast to Sue Hill with organic Prosecco

  • And happy birthday to my writing partner Sue Hill who was actually born on Mother’s Day many years ago!
  • And happy Teacher Appreciation Day to Sue Hill who rocks her fourth grade classroom in person or by ZOOM — and serves as a surrogate mom to many children every year!
  • And happy Mother’s Day to Sue Hill who is wonderfully close to her own mom and has been an exceptionally supportive step mom.