A Canned Malbec?


Are they serious? A canned Malbec?  Is this a travesty? No, not at all.  In fact it is actually quite good, and it is the perfect summer red.

I recently got a 4-pack of Bousquet’s Le Petit Verre canned organic Malbec.  I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised because I am not used to quality wines in a can and have had some dodgy organic wines.  However my fears were allayed when I tried the wine; it was really good!  It was rich and dark without any hints of oxidation or other defects that I can taste in inferior wines.  This wine has some personality and each can seemed to be slightly different (or maybe my palate changed from day to day), but always pleasant. This is a great wine in an unexpected container.  And it is organic which makes it even better.

Le Petit Verre is the perfect road trip wine, picnic wine, boat wine, or cookout wine. Since it is in a can, it can be jostled around without any worries about breakage.  I even took a can on a bicycle trip.  This wine’s deep flavor is the perfect wine for grilled meats and is a fine choice at a cookout for guests who want a red wine.

Source: http://blogs.southcoasttoday.com/wineobserver/2022/07/03/a-canned-malbec/